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The Highlights of Barcelona


Barcelona was founded more than 2000 years ago. One of the appeals of Barcelona is the combination of old and modern, sea and mountains, tourism and industry. 

A city with as much history as Barcelona has a lot to show for itself. In 50 minutes, we will see the most interesting works of each era and the great events that have transformed the city in recent times. 

Do you want to know why is everybody falling in love with Barcelona?


Virtual Montserrat


Have you ever heard about Montserrat? It is the Magical Mountain of Catalonia, where many histories have happened.

Did you know that it will soon be 1000 years since the arrival of the monks to this outstanding mountain?

Did you know that the first monk in America came from Montserrat?

Do you know what the Nazis came looking for in 1940?

All these and more in the new virtual tour.


Sagrada Familia Virtual Tour

Did you know that the original project of Sagrada Familia don’t belong to Gaudí. Do you know what an Expiatory Tempel means? 

This breathtaking Church has been under construction for 139 years and in a few more years we plan to see it completed. 

In this Virtual Tour we will explain you all the details so that you want to be part of the construction as it happens with everyone that visits the interior.


Picasso and Barcelona

Did you know that Picasso lived in Barcelona for almost 9 years? And that the only museum opened during his lifetime is the one in Barcelona? 

Would you like to see the paintings he did when he was young? In this Virtual Tour we show you the evolution of his work, we talk about his family and partners and above all, we will understand more about this figure who changed the history of Art in the 20th century.

Salvador Dalí Museum

Have you ever noticed these yellow dots on the facade of the Dalí museum?

They represent a special bread that Dalí liked, so crunchy and tasty! He said that bread nourishes our body and art nourishes our soul. Moreover, he saw a very close link. When you paint you start with something soft that will end up being hard and the bread when you bake it starts with something soft and ends up being hard.

If you look at how he placed them on the facade, it can remind us of goose bumps! Dalí wanted us to see how the building gets excited because we are about to visit it. 

Are you up for it?

Virtual tours are a perfect complement to other types of tours. They offer you the chance to enjoy from the comfort of your home on a big screen with the whole family, even if someone has mobility problems. The guide can answer all your questions and clarify any doubts.

We combine 360º images with Powerpoint, Google Earth or Street view presentations.

You can also arrange an exclusive visit for your group.

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  • Exclusive expert guide
  • Flexibility to create your own event!
  • Live and interactive!
  • A virtual tour using different technologies

These are the Virtual Visits we offer:

  • The Highlights of Barcelona.
  • Sagrada Familia.
  • History of Sagrada Familia.
  • Dalí Museum of Figueres.
  • Picasso in Barcelona.
  • Gothic Quarter with Cathedral.
  • Modernism / Gaudí in Barcelona.
  • El Born district with Santa Maria del Mar church.
  • Casa Batlló.
  • Montserrat.
  • Extraordinary women from Barcelona.
  • Palau de la Música Catalana, the modernist Jewel.
  • More coming….