The remote and rocky mountains of the Priorat region are the birthplace of an intense and mineral red wine that many writers and wine specialists consider to be of the highest category in Spain. The slate and quartzite soil (known here as llicorella), many hours of sunshine and a young generation of winemakers have given the region the reputation of being one of the most innovative in Spain. At the same time, the natural beauty of the area and its long history make it a fascinating region to explore.

Kilometers of mountainous terrain (between 200 and 700 m above sea level), slate land and vineyards fill this region, about two hours from Barcelona, but a world away.

 The steep relief causes the vines to grow on terraces like huge staircases in rows that look drawn. Because of this most of the work is done by hand. If in other regions about 5,000 kilos per hectare can be harvested, here it does not reach 10%, but on the other hand the mineral taste in the wine is much more noticeable. The local varieties are Grenache and Cariñena, but international varieties are also grown, such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.




  • We will drive along the Motorway towards Tarragona, stopping to stretch our legs by the Roman Aqueduct of Tarragona and then we will continue towards Falset to the chosen winery, where we will visit and taste. Then we will go to another winery where we will have some tapas after the visit and once we have enjoyed the experience, we will return to Barcelona.

We suggest combining this Tour with a visit to one of the 4 nearby places in this area:

Tarragona, Santes Creus, Reus or Montblanc (8h)

For all visits we recommend comfortable shoes.


Wine is sunlight, held together by water.