Girona Area

Girona is in the north of Catalonia, next to France. It is a border area where you can breathe history. The arrival of the mountains to the sea makes possible the Costa Brava, with its villages full of charm. In this area we can visit its Capital, Girona with an impressive cathedral, his famous call (Jewish Quarter), full of narrow alleys or we can walk along his walls and bridges on the Onyar river. Another option is Besalú, where we can to discover its spectacular medieval bridge and the micvé, (Hebrew word that means ‘purification baths’), which is the only building of these characteristics found in Spain and one of the ten in all Europe.

Do not forget that in this region we also find Figueres, where the brilliant artist Salvador Dalí was born and where he designed his museum. We have many options!



Its most famous features are its 12th-century Romanesque bridge, the church of Sant Pere consecrated in 1003 and a restored mikveh, a ritual Jewish bath dating from the eleventh century.


Pals is a medieval village totally restored.

It has a tower which is the only remains of the castle that once stood here (11-13th centuries),known as Tower of the Hours as it was used as a clock tower in the 15th century.

The church at the top of the village was built in the 10th century.


Its name is derived from pedra tallada, meaning ‘carved stone’ since most of the buildings are built from stone carved from the fosse or moat which still encircles parts of this small fortified medieval town. The  Castle of Peratallada (13th century) is the dominant structure in town. The 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was partly filmed on location here.


Pubol is small village,  and it would be too small to attract tourists were it not for its relation with Salvador Dali’s wife and muse Gala.

Dali bought a medieval castle here and decorated it. Gala lived here during the 1970s and is buried in in the grounds. 

The Castle of Púbol is a museum with many works by Salvador Dalí.