In the following tabs we answer the most normal questions, but surely you have more.

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The Government of Catalonia authorizes us to act as guides after passing the necessary regulated studies. From here, a whole life begins accumulating knowledge and experience. In summary, we join the knowledge acquired by studying with the summary of hundreds of books, exhibitions, courses, seminars, conferences and recycling courses about the most varied subjects, we mix it with our experiences as route and local guides during 25 years, and we explain it to you in the way you prefer (some people want to know until the last detail, and others only want to know a little, but of EVERYTHING). This way you only have to worry about enjoying the visit!

Of course, you can go at your own pace, looking here and there and from time to time browsing a travel guide, it’s another way to travel. But you miss a lot of things … We live here, we know the rhythm of the city and we know the details that do not appear in guideboks. So you can make more of your vacation days.

Sometimes we guide large groups but we specialize in small groups where people know each other and where there is a good atmosphere. We will only be with your group (family, friends, travel group…). You are the center of the visit and you set the pace and places to visit (another thing is that you want to stop to shop or take photos). So, YOU are the one who enjoys it the most.

We recommend that the meeting be in the city, so as not to waste too much time traveling due to traffic. Please note that if the meeting is out of town, transport and extra time will be set aside.

Sometimes we started tours at 7am and sometimes we ended tours at 10:30 pm at a restaurant (we have dinner very late here), but it’s normal to start around 9am, when the monuments start to open and there’s light. If you prefer a visit in the afternoon, it will depend on the time you have lunch (Spanish or European time), if you want to practice the national sport (siesta sleeping) or if you have reservations to monuments or museums.

If you are thinking of a full day visit, we will suggest places to eat according to your preferences and if you prefer, we will make you a reservation (as some places are usually full, especially good places outside the city).

We love children, if they are also interested and are asking questions, then they are the dream of any guide !. We want them to enjoy the visit (they are also on vacation). We always try to involve them in the visit so that they have good memories and when they are older they want to return to Barcelona.

In our experience, what works best is to do a half-day visit and have the rest of the day to do other things they like best or, we can include in the route, places that interest them (Aquarium, Camp Nou… ) perhaps better to ask them so they can realize they are a very important part of the group of travelers).

We like to start on time, but sometimes… things happen !. If you find yourself late, let us know! As we will have agreed on the duration of the visit, it is not a problem to wait for you (unless there are tickets with strict entering time), and we can almost always redo the program on the fly (that’s why we are Experts). It has also happened to us that customers have not arrived due to various issues and have not notified us. In this case, after 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time, we will cancel for non-show of the customer, and we are sorry, but you are not entitled to a refund of the amounts paid.

Our prices include the services of a licensed guide in the requested language, the organization of the tour as we have agreed and all the management for the development of the visit. If the specific visit includes tickets to monuments, they will also be included.

We do not include taxes, which are usually 21% VAT.

We do not include transportation, food or drink unless you specifically ask us to.

In Barcelona we walk a lot, but often, to make the most of the time, we recommend taking transport (public or private). If you want us to book you private transport, we need to know in advance, to talk to companies that hire cars and drivers (guides are NOT drivers), or you can hire it directly.

Contact us using the form, telling us what you think is important about your trip in order to prepare the visit (participants, dates, museums or monuments you are interested in, language…) and your expectations.

With this information we begin to work. We will inform you as soon as possible of our proposals and send you a quote.

If we reach an agreement, we will ask you for an advance as confirmation of the reservation (20% of the services + the reserved tickets). This 20% will not be refunded in case of cancellation (tickets to monuments can’t be reimbursed since they are already bought). The rest of the payment must be made at least 14 days before the day of the first visit you have contracted. We can talk about everything, but that would be the general rule.

Remember that when you hire us, there are no intermediaries. It’s you and us. This way the final price is reduced and you end up paying less. On the other hand, it is much more humane because it will be one of us who will tour you. No surprises (in 99.9% of cases!). If at any time you have doubts, we can meet virtually and clear them up.

Today some people decide to guiding without proper training (often foreign students who want to spend a few months in the city and make some money). It’s as if I started to work as a cook without having a minimum training … you will eat, but without any guarantee. So with the guides it’s the same. Luckily, in tourism you can’t get indigestion, only misinformation. Surely there are those who do it minimally well, but you risk that the quality is very low and be clear that FREE… there is nothing! If they don’t charge you one way, they charge you another.
In order to obtain the OFFICIAL QUALIFICATION AS A TOURIST GUIDE IN CATALONIA we have overcome all the requirements that certify our formation as professionals of the Tourism: university formation, exams on Art, History and other matters, certification of languages, etc. This is how we guarantee the quality.
We are professionals (we do not do it as a hobby) and we comply with all the required tax obligations.

If for any reason you have to cancel a reservation with us less than 5 days from the first visit, we will understand that something important has happened and we will try to live up to it (it happened to us once and we did not like it nothing as they treated us). If you can find another date, we will try to reschedule (in high season it is very difficult, but we will try!).

If you’ve had to cancel the entire trip and plan to do it within the next year (more or less) great!, we’ll freeze everything (except the tickets, since they can’t be refunded) and we’ll be waiting for you with a big smile. Of course, if you prefer, we will refund your money, according to our cancellation policy. That, as long as you’ve notified us and we’ve answered. If this is not the case, and you do not notify us 2 days in advance, we will be sorry for you (because a big one has probably happened to you), but we will not be able to return any amount or reschedule it (it has never happened to us yet!)

Barcelona Experts policy is not to cancel confirmed services. If the assigned guide suffers an emergency, we will arrange for another team guide to tour you.

We often decide the start time weeks in advance, but sometimes things don’t turn out the way we planned. If jet-lag affects you or the plane arrives late, you may arrive stressed or frustrated, and that’s bad for you and for us (you don’t imagine what it’s like to go back on a visit with people who arrive angry), that’s why we recommend not starting the visit very close to your arrival time (sometimes there are no options… we understand!). If there are any changes, please let us know as soon as possible (especially if there are reservations) to look for alternatives.